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Online Democracy Group

Centre for Computational Geography, University of Leeds

Web Based GIS

Catawba County GIS
CITY Green Information Page
County Wicklow Development Control
East St. Louis Geographical Information Retrieval System
GeoMed Project
Java Based GIS
Jefferson County GIS
Open Spatial Decision Making on the Internet
REGIS: Environmental Planning in GIS at U.C. Berkeley
Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition
Web GIS: Toy or Tool?

Collaborative Decision Making

ARIADNE Collaborative browsing Project
Blacksburg, Virginia: On-Line Town
Collaborative Spatial Decision Making Home Page
MIT Computer Resources Lab - GIS Projects
National Urban Technology Centre
NCGIA: I-17 Collaborative Spatial Decision-Making
Public Participation GIS Home Page
Virtual Planning Lab
What If? Index Page

Public Participation

Coalition for Public Information
Citizen Power
Civic Practices Network
Hive Civic Network
Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation
On-Line Voting
Participatory Initiatives
Public Involvement Network
UK Communities On-Line

Environmental Planning

BDOR Planning
CTI Centre for the Built Environment
Enhancing Planning and Participation
ISOCARP - International Society of City and Regional Planners
On-Line Planning
On-Line Planners Forum
Planning Related Resources on the Internet
PlanWeb - Internet Information Resource for Town Planners
Resource for Urban Design Information (RUDI)
Urban-Regional-Planning Mailbase List
Urban and Regional Information Systems Assoc. (URISA)
USA Land-Based Classification Standards
Yamato City Urban Master Plan


CCTA UK Government Information Service
Clickable Map of UK Local Authorities
Government Technology Page
UK Citizens On-Line


Association for Geographic Information
AGI's GIS Dictionary
GeoComputation Conference Series
Geographical Information for the WWW
GIS Dictionary of Abbreviations and Acronyms
GIS at Edinburgh University
GIS Master Bibliography Project
GIS Net Sites
IDRISI Home Page
NCGIA Home Page
Spatial Odyssey Database of GIS Journals
Truflite Digital Elevation Data
Urban and Regional Information Systems Association


Computers, Environment and Urban Systems
Journal of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis (on-line)
Environment and Planning
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
The Information Society
International Journal of Geographical Information Systems
Planning - Official Journal of the RTPI
Urban Design Quarterly

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