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Online Democracy Group

Centre for Computational Geography, University of Leeds

Dr. Steve Carver

Steve is a lecturer at Leeds University. He is interested in the use of the Web to deliver GIS-based SDSS for public participation. Most of his work is based around GIS in some way or other; split between GS-based SDSS and applications in environmental modelling. He is also interested in the use of GIS for modelling wilderness environments and landscape.

Dr. Andrew Evans

Andy is a lecturer in the University of Leeds. He is interested in a range of issues in computational geography, including: Artificial Intelligence solutions in geography; online Geographical Information Systems for use in the democratic process; and Information Architecture.

Mr. Richard Kingston

After nearly 6 years as a PPGIS researcher in the CCG Richard is now (September 2003) a lecturer in the School of Planning and Landscape at Manchester University. He runs our sister site Web-based PP-GIS Research.

Mr. Tim Waters

Tim Waters is an online GIS expert working in the Policy and Research Unit at Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

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