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Centre for Computational Geography, University of Leeds

Home Here you will find a list of tools and resources which you may find useful. Some of the web-based GIS software we have developed to allow us to implement web-based PPGIS can be downloaded from the links below. Links to commercial packages are also listed. We also maintain a list of links to appropriate conferences relating to our research and links to research organisations and government web sites.

Web-based GIS Software

GeoTools - a free Java based mapping toolkit developed in house that allows maps to be viewed interactively on web browsers without the need for dedicated server side support.

Autodesk MapGuide - makers of a variety of GIS and CAD software.

ESRI's ArcIMS - makers of the popular ArcInfo and ArcView products.

MapXtreme - MapInfo's web-based answer to web-based mapping.


GISRUK Conference Series

International Association for Public Participation

International Association for Social Science Information Service & Technology

Research Organisations

Journal of Information, Communication and Society

NCGIA PPGIS Initiative

ESRC's Virtual Society

Governmental Organisations and Public Sector

Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA)

Local Government Association


UK Citizens On-line Democracy

UK's Modernising Government Site

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