University of Leeds

Constitution of the Centre for Computational Geography

1. Aims of the Centre

1.1 The Centre will serve as a focus for research in the field of computational geography.

1.2 The Centre will encourage collaborative research work and will seek to attract research support from outside the University.

1.3 The Centre will establish links with other institutions and individuals with the aim of promoting research and collaborative activity.

2. Membership of the Centre

2.1 Membership of the Centre shall be open to: (a) any individual member of the academic and related staff of the University with an active research interest in computational geography; and (b) to other individuals, institutions or organisations at the invitation of the Executive Committee.

2.2 The Executive Committee of the Centre will consider and, as appropriate, approve applications or nominations for membership of the Centre in connection with 2.1(b) above.

3. Administration of the Centre

3.1 The Centre will have a Director and two Deputy Directors.

3.2 The Director and Deputy Directors will each hold office for three years and shall be eligible for immediate re-appointment. They will be appointed by the Senate and Council on the nomination of the Executive Committee (see below).

3.3 There shall be an Executive Committee comprising the Director, the Deputy Directors, three other members elected by the membership of the Centre and up to two co-opted members. Elected members will hold office for a period of three years, thereafter being eligible for re-election.

3.4 There shall be a General Meeting open to all members of the Centre at least once a year, the meeting to be convened and chaired by the Director or one of the Deputy Directors.