Public Participation in Locating a Nuclear Waste Disposal Site in the UK


This page links to various resources about using GIS to aid decision making in nuclear waste disposal.

You can access a range of information about nuclear waste disposal.

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Web-based PPGIS for locating a nuclear waste disposal site

Original system first written in 1996 based on PERL

System developed by the CCG's on-line democracy group

Over recent years researchers have been involved in developing web-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to aid the decision making processes in nuclear waste disposal. The site invites public participation in the planning of nuclear waste disposal and provides information about the decision making processes involved.

In the past and indeed still now, the nuclear industry has been accused of being too secretive and operating in ways which have ignored the opinions of the general public. One of the aims of this site it to create a transparent and open environment for people to learn, understand and contribute to the decision making process. It is timely to carry out this new work as the UK Government have recently embarked on a new consultation exercise in to managing radioactive waste safely.

We are now overhauling the original web sites to bring them up to date with new web-based technologies and to update the information about the nuclear waste disposal issue. You can access the latest and the original versions under the "Current Links" section.

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