Smart Pattern Hunting Flocks

Static image of an early flock of pattern hunting geoBoids. (Live Demo)

If you have a full version of Java 1.1 then take a look at this demo which shows a set of smart boids exploring a map and building up a result surface.

The dots in the map each represent a center of population with each dot containing perhaps several hundred people. Each red dot denotes a point with one or more incidence of a 'crime'. One of the hardest problems for the boids is that the population is very uneven forcing them to try an ignore clusters that are caused by population distribution alone.
The above boids change colour as they move over the map, the following is a key to each colours meaning.

The boids in this demo are actually fairly simple (and stupid), the next generation will have better communication and obstacle avoidance techniques:

The following examples concept demos and are not running on real data like the applet at the top of the page.

1) Seek&Flee
2) Obstical Avoidance
3) ScoreBoid
4) ....