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Stan had a severely disabling stroke in 1999 and was retired from post as a professor at the University of Leeds in 2000. Since this stroke, Stan has been very limited in his ability to communicate verbally, despite this some have managed to get joint publications completed. Stan is no longer research active though he remains interested in the world around us. Stan left (what was at the time) quite a large mess of digital files, electronic media, slides and presentation material, paper documents (books, journals, copies of letters, drafts of publications, pre-prints, reviews, news articles), artefacts and memorabilia that he had accumulated over his career (stuff). This stuff had accumulated into a fairly disorganised mess and following Stan's stroke, this mess had to be cleared up. The physical material was rationalised as a priority. In some ways it was regretable that the University of Leeds Archivist was not contacted for advice, but never mind. The rationalising process began with recycling duplicate paper based information and disposing of most of the amassed over head projector acetates. The remains of all this corpus is still considerable and is stored disparately. It can be hoped that some of the important things have been preserved for now and that it is all gradually getting more organised and re-usable.

The intention of this web page has been to help document and organise all the collected stuff in an open way and to start to provide a history and promote re-use of anything that might be useful. If you are interested in photographs and data about places Stan studied, please get in touch.

After Stan turned 65 years old a celebration of his work an carear took place as part of the GISRUK 2012 conference in Lancaster. Details of this event are online:

Stan Openshaw Reference List

A list of the books Stan had on his bookshelves was compiled by Nick Malleson and exists in some form digitally somewhere...

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