Exploring spatial decision making through online GIS

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Aims & Learning outcomes

The key aim of this website is to create a transparent and open environment for people to learn, understand and contribute to the decision-making processes involved in exploring the spatial aspects of nuclear waste management. The learning outcomes are:

Experience in the use of GIS and digital map data to address a substantive application area.

Knowledge of an environmental decision problem set at a national scale.

Hands-on practical experience of a decision-making process through independent and group work.

Insight into the scope and range of digital map and other spatial data products.

Insight into the visual (communication) and methodological (data handling and analytical) capabilities of GIS.

Appreciation of the power of GIS and spatial information in helping address environmental decision problems, especially those with multiple stakeholders and conflicting objectives.

Awareness of the possibilities of GIS in extending involvement in decision-making to the general public through the medium of the Internet.

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