Woodland Online Decision System (WOODS)


Where can new woodlands be planted?

Woodland in the Yorkshire Dales is not as extensive as it once was. The Dales are now settled and farmed creating the landscape of today.

Here is your opportunity to design a new woodland for the Dales. However, trees cannot be planted just anywhere - many different factors and constraints need to be considered.


  • A constraint is something that rigidly defines areas where trees cannot be planted (e.g. new woodlands cannot be planted in towns and villages).
  • A factor is something that describes how suitable an area is for planting (e.g. an area may be more suitable than others because it is next to existing woodland).
It is up to you to decide with constraints are important, and how much to weight different factors.
This will build up a map of possible planting locations based on your choices.
You'll be able to change your choices to change the map, before you make your final decision.

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