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Mediterranean Digital Elevation Model

MEDACTION aims to address the main issues underlying the causes, effects and mitigation options for managing land degradation and desertification in the Northern Mediterranean region.

Work Package 3.3 of this European Commission Programme aims to:

"Forecast land use change and land degradation and develop an Internet tool for EU planners, decision-makers and citizens interested in the effects of global climatic change."

The Objectives:

Description of work

A prototype interactive scenario based integrated land use and land degradation synoptic prediction system accessible via the Internet will be created in four stages:

  1. A web interface will be developed to view available input data and existing model results;
  2. The interface will be developed to collect details about potential users and any feedback they may wish to provide about the system;
  3. The interface will be developed in order to enable users to alter climate change scenarios and view the effects on land use change and land degradation; and
  4. The modelling system will be updated to perform consensus in various different ways using the profiles of the potential users and the selections they have made during the interactive modelling stages to classify them into consensus groups. The interface will then be developed to visualise details of the consensus.

Having developed the prototype, potential end users will be asked to use and re-use the system that will be developed as they provide feedback and lessons are learned about the inadequacies of the prototype. By the end of the project, a fully tested working version of the system will be made available on-line. Any feedback collected after the end of the project will be stored in order to improve this and similar such systems in further research.


Under Deliverable 32 an interactive Internet based version of a synoptic prediction system designed to estimate land use and land degradation based on climate change scenarios will be developed.


79.627 Euro, 4 % of total MEDACTION project budget.

The current MEDACTION programme is under development. You can check on its current progress and development.