Where is wild Scotland?

Photo: Wild Scotland

“Wild land in Scotland is relatively remote and inaccessible, not noticeably affected by contemporary human activity, and offers high-quality opportunities to escape from the pressures of everyday living and find physical and spiritual refreshment.”
(National Trust for Scotland, January 2002)


Scottish Natural Heritage, the National Trust for Scotland and the John Muir Trust have all recently published statements outlining their policy about wild land (links to these policy documents are given at the end of this survey). Wildness is difficult to define in absolute terms, but each organisation develops similar definitions of what wild land is considered to be. A common theme is that our ideas of what is considered wild countryside and where we might find it can vary markedly from person to person because of differences in our background, education, interests and experience. This survey is designed to help generate a better picture of just how widely people’s perceptions of wild land in Scotland may vary.

In order that your survey results can be better analysed, we would be grateful if you first answer the following questions about yourself before continuing on to the main part of the survey. This information will only be used as part of this research.

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