Mapping Wilderness in Britain


This web page links to various resources about wilderness mapping in Britain.

From here you can access a range of information about Wilderness Britain.

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On-line participatory GIS to decide where the wildest and most remote places are in Britain

Details of the Wilderness Britain Seminar Series

Take part in the Defining "Wilderness" questionnaire Part 1 (for the general public) or Part 2 for countryside professionals and organisations only.

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Last updated 19 August 2002.

This web site aims to bring together a range of resources relating to Wilderness Britain. For sometime now several researchers have been interested in the concept of Wilderness Britain. The objectives of this on-going work are as follows:

  • Provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of ideas relating to social, cultural and environmental perspectives on 'Wilderness Britain';
  • Pool a broad knowledge base pertaining to the role of the 'wild' in recreation and conservation;
  • Seek expert opinions and input from other countries with a long history of wilderness preservation and management (e.g. USA) and from those recently adopting wilderness as a designated land use (e.g. Italy and Finland);
  • Examine the social causes behind the recent upsurge in popularity of outdoor recreation in Britain and identify the social and environmental implications for wild land;
  • Foster discourse and collaboration between the academic community and professional bodies and user organisations on the subject of wild land management; and
  • To use this forum to formulate general policy recommendations and specific recommendations regarding the new National Parks Act in Scotland and re-wilding of existing national parks in England and Wales.
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