GAM: Cluster hunting software (v2.0 GAM/K)

Centre for Computational Geography
University of Leeds

The Geographical Analysis Machine (GAM) is an attempt at automated exploratory spatial data analysis of point or small area data that is easy to understand. The purpose is to answer a simple practical question; where are clusters in geographical data? Please note it is an exploratory analysis and does not prove existence - clusters may, for example, be down to pockets of poor data or, very unusually, be due to just the random scattering of occurrences.

The software, which can be downloaded below, is written in Java and requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run. Try running it first, and if this doesn't work, install the JRE. To run the software in Windows, right click on the file and pick Open With... and Java(TM) 2, or similar.


If you have any trouble, you can find a simple tutorial here.

The software was originally developed in online format for the "Smart Spatial Analysis" project. While the original version is now offline, you can still read more about how the system works and what it does on the project pages.

For further information about this software and getting hold of a copy of the source code, contact Andy Turner.

The source code for the cluster.jar programme shown above is available via the following URL:

On the 16th of December 2010 a Google code repository was set up to refactor the Java code for spatial cluster detection. The repository is located at the following URL:

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