Some Useful Explanations

  1. What is classification?

  2. What is a cluster?

  3. What methods of classification can be found in LGAS?

  4. How is census geography organised?

  5. What data were used in the classifications?

  6. What are the issues involved in postcode geography?

  7. What classification should you use?

  8. What is special about GB Profiles?

  9. What is the purpose of the GB Profile classifications?

  10. What are good and bad things about census data?

  11. Which classification should you use?

  12. What kinds of outputs are produced by LGAS?

  13. How can you measure the performance of the classification?

  14. What does the segmentation analysis do?

  15. I don't have just EDs or postcodes. I also have numerator and/or denominator data to analyse. What difference does this make to the way I interpret the segmentation analysis?

  16. What are Z scores?

  17. Why test for cluster significance?

  18. What is a Gains table or plot?

  19. Why on earth would anyone want to run LGAS on a RANDOM classification?

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