Tagger: Code for building online fuzzy GIS (v2.3)

Centre for Computational Geography
University of Leeds

This page lists the changes the software has been through.

Version 2.5: 22/09/2005
Fixed minor text - "write you comments" -> "write your comments"; Now gives accurate version number in Java Console; Fixed error when no passThrough text - this was breaking TaggerQuery which expected 3 things in the log, so now outputs "No passThrough" when absent.

Version 2.4: 23/06/2004
Fixed problem with end of line characters in the comments breaking TaggerQuery. All end of line characters now removed before initial storage.

Version 2.3: 18/02/2004
Fixed bug which squared off the compressed images in TaggerAdmin and TaggerQuery.

Version 2.1: 18/02/2004
Fixed bug which broke system when users didn't add a comment. Added ability to set a "no comment" value (see taggerInput PARAM list for details).
Fixed bug which squared off the compressed images in TaggerInput.
Fixed need for debug PARAM to be true.

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