Map weighting and location choosing applet (v2.3 beta)

Centre for Computational Geography
University of Leeds

This page lists the changes the software has been through.

Version 2.4: 26/06/2002
Adds in a display mode that can be used to show the results if point location choices (see PARAM list for details).

Version 2.3: 24/06/2002
Lots of changes, some not back-compatible.

  • "hidemap" PARAM now ditched in favour of the "order" PARAM
  • "hideMapMessage" PARAM now renamed the more sane "mapHiddenMessage".
  • Change to output. Each result has an order stage associated with it. and the state results from the tools now detail which tool they're associated with so users don't forget.
  • "force" PARAM added to force users to make a choice on the map stages. Note that this currently only works for the final order stage.
  • Messages now all have their own area. New messages for users when map or controls hidden, and for when everything is displayed (see PARAMs). They can now also by hypertext linked to help pages.

Version 2.2: 30/04/2002
Adds in urlX and urlframe PARAMs to allow the linking of info from the weighter control labels. Two changes because of this that aren't back-compatible are: 1) "frame" PARAM is now called "outputframe" and 2) the APPLET tag needs the attribute "mayscript" if the Applet is to work in Netscape 6.

Version 2.1: 28/03/2002
Adds in conversion PARAM. This allows you to display the number of pixels highlighted with, for example, a top slicer, to be displayed in map units.

Version 2.0: 18/09/2001
Single frame version with more easily extended and efficient arctitecture.

Version 1.0: 09/02/1998
Unreleased to public. Multiple frames version.

For further information about this applet and the source code, contact Dr Andy Evans.

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