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Please refer to this table to see what data are currently available.

A list of the currently available categories and geographies (date:22-03-05)
C and UA
Age X X X X X X
Cars X X X X X X
Communal X X X X X X
Household X X X X X X
Identity X X X X X X
Status X X X X X X
Tenure X X X X X X
Work X X X X X X

Note: Historical Counties and Counties & Unitary Authorities are aggregations of Local Authority areas. European Constituencies are aggregations of Parliamentary Constituencies. A look-up table of these aggregations is available for download. Download

You can use this form to select the variable you want to map.

Stage 1. Choose one of the 6 geographies that you want to use.

Stage 2. Choose one of the 8 categories of variable that you are interested in.

Stage 3. Choose the census year or intercensal years.

Stage 4. Choose the exact variable you want to map.

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