Where to dispose of Britain's nuclear waste


The web site allows you to participate in the planning and siting of 'our' nuclear waste and provides information about the decision-making processes involved. Once decisions have been made about how to manage nuclear waste, the next question is how we go about deciding where the most suitable location for disposal or storage is.

In the past the nuclear industry has been accused of being too secretive and operating in ways which have ignored the opinions of the general public. It is timely to carry out examination of the spatial aspects of nuclear waste management as the UK Government have recently embarked on a new consultation exercise looking at ways of managing radioactive waste safely.

The following web pages are part of an ongoing research project and as such are EXPERIMENTAL and intended only as a demonstration of the technology/available data and for use as a teaching aid. They are NOT part of any official consultation on radioactive waste management in the UK. The work has been funded by the ESRC, JISC and the University of Leeds. Please feel free to use this demonstration for TEACHING ONLY purposes. If you have any questions regarding these pages or the information/technology contained therein, please contact the authors.

You must progress through the following 9 stages to complete the on-line decision support system:

Step 1: Statement of the aims and learning outcomes
Step 2: Introduction to the exercise and explanations of how the system works
Step 3: Introduction to nuclear waste issues
Step 4: Introduction to current nuclear waste policy and public participation
Step 5: The mapping system, on-line GIS and the geography of the problem
Step 6: User profile and initial placement of a nuclear waste disposal site
Step 7: Initial placement of a nuclear waste disposal facility
Step 8: The on-line mapping system and decision support
Step 9: Feedback and questionnaire
Step 10: Exit

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