Where to dispose of Britain's nuclear waste

Introduction to the exercise and how the system works

This page explains what it is you will be doing in this exercise and provides details of how the system works. The next few pages will explain some of the important issues surrounding the substantive problem of nuclear waste disposal in the UK.

These issues include the relationship with geography and how Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can be used to help solve the complex problem of finding a suitable disposal/storage site.

After this you will have the opportunity to use a web-based GIS to help make informed choices and decisions about nuclear waste management.

Once you have read through the next couple of short pages you will come across a page called 'Making Your Decisions' it looks similar to the image here on the right. This page is where you have the chance to choose where you think new waste management facilities should be located. Using a Java Applet you can create a map showing the suitability for a waste facility using checkboxes and slider bars to indicate your choices. The map appears on the right-hand side of the screen while the control buttons are on the left. Using the Applet you can weight the mapped factors or turning on or off important constraints by clicking checkboxes which are located to the left of the map.

  On-line GIS page

The map appears in the window by clicking on the 'Show me the map' button in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser window. You may either pick a single location using the 'Choose Point' button, which will be marked by a small square, or you can use the map of best locations you have generated, and pick a percentage of the best sites using the 'Top Slice' scrollbar. These sites will appear in green. Once you are happy with your choices click on the 'Submit' button and your choices will be recorded. Your web browser must be JavaTM and JavascriptTM enabled.

To help you understand how the system works, together with further information about nuclear waste issues here is an additional hand-out:

    download the  handoutdownload the hand-out

It is recommended that you read the relevant handout before continuing with the system.

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