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Who are we

This web site has been put together by an independent body of researchers at The University of Leeds who are keen to encourage heightened democracy in the planning of environmentally sensitive schemes. Our remit is to get your choices heard and to see how systems like this can be improved. You can check out our interests and our research in and around global environmental problems and democracy below.

Dr. Steve Carver
Steve is a lecturer who teaches courses on the management of wilderness environments, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). His doctorate project was based on using GIS to assess the problems of nuclear waste disposal siting, and he continues to do research in this field, with an increasing interest in using technology to enhance public participation in the decision making process.
Richard Kingston
Richard is a Research Officer in the Centre for Computational Geography, where he carries out research developing public participation GIS aimed at enhancing participation in urban and environmental decision making problems using the internet. Richard has written several papers on web-based Public Participation GIS (PPGIS).
Dr Andrew Evans
Andrew is a Lecturer who teaches GIS and spatial analysis. His research is aimed at getting public feedback on environmentally sensitive schemes using the web. In the past he has been involved in research aimed at increasing the confidentiality of the UK census data while, paradoxically, making it available for public use.